A low, flat rate the way it should be.

GPSlogix utilizes a simplified pricing structure. We charge $19.99 per month per device for our services. There are no per-ping or per-update fees with GPSlogix. It’s simple—there are zero hoops to jump through with us. Just pay a low, flat rate for each device and you can use our services as much as you want. At this price, the return on investment (ROI) each month makes sense.

Our plan includes the following features:

  • Live vehicle and asset tracking – Updates every minute allow access to any vehicle’s location, anywhere and anytime
  • Access to speed and driving behavior information – Increase employee and public safety by holding your drivers accountable
  • After hours use – Get alerts if your employees are driving your vehicles after hours or on the weekends
  • Location history – customer validation of time spent at their home
  • Vehicle performance reporting – Access reports on engine hours, idle time, mileage, and diagnostics, as well as trip and stop information, all in real-time
  • Geofencing – Get alerts if your drivers are at locations that you don’t want your company logo being represented (casinos, etc)

If you have 50 or more users, please contact us about our Enterprise Pricing.